She Said Yes – Hero


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Hero. Du glaubst, du bist nicht hübsch genug, deine Tränen machen dich angreifbar und alles was du anpackst, klappt nicht. Doch alles was du bist und was du machst, macht dich zu meinem persönlichen Helden.

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I know exactly who you are
I know exactly where you were
And I know where ́d you come from my love
So seperate your tears
The chaos be contained
And it seemed like you are my maid
But you don’t
How beautiful you really are
So don’t be shy and come nearer



And you just wanna be like someone else
But you just helped me out with being yourself
Out of my sorrows and all of my harms
You acting like someone who is helping me out
‚Cause you are my hero



With you I can’t remember
That cabin fever
And with you I’m never
Because you are my home
And you are the distance
All watches on the top


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